Greenburgh & Co Services

Employment law

Employment law expertise and experience at your fingertips

Whether an employer, officer, employee, worker, contractor, elected member or NED, we will help you to navigate the complex matrix of law, collective agreements, codes of conduct and procedures, offering you practical advice, expertise and steadfast support, all at your fingertips

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Equality

All different - all equal, whether it’s the workplace, the provision or services, or the formulation of policy, we are here to help

Standards and Governance

Governance and probity

Constitution, memorandum and articles, codes of conduct, propriety, and behaviour - these are all of crucial importance in maintaining confidence in your organisation and preserving your reputation.  We can investigate, navigate and report to ensure the highest standards are maintained



‘The standards you accept are the standards you walk by’ blowing the whistle on misconduct, poor service or corruption can be scary, whether you’re the whistleblower challenging authority, or the organisation facing substantial legal, regulatory and reputational challenge.  We can advise on policy, undertake independent investigations and advise on strategy to navigate this complex and high pressure topic



Whether you are a University, Housing Association, Local Authority, or in the Private Sector, there are often times when an independent investigation is needed.  We bring experience from some of the biggest external investigations, and expertise at providing a factual or evaluative report with independence and integrity.



We specialise in representation and policy advice for employers and the LGBTQ+ community. Whether it's discrimination at work, the provision of goods and services, or policies development, we are here to offer help and advice.