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Employment Law, Ethics & Equalities Solicitors

Trusted advisers to both the public and private sector in employment, ethics and equalities.

About Us

Trusted advisors

We are a boutique law firm specialising in Employment, Ethics and Equalities; we specialise in providing confidential and trusted advice to senior leaders, executives and employers in both the private and the public sector.   We have hands on experience spanning 25 years and gained through in-house experience of a local authority, and 18 years at a major international law firm. 

By specialising in what we do, we can offer sector know-how as well as legal expertise suited to your needs. employment law

Personal Service

We offer personal service from qualified professionals throughout.  Our Principal, Mark Greenburgh will participate in every case to agree the strategy, ensure that the correct level of service is provided throughout. 

Mark's CV

Nationwide coverage

Based in the City of London, we provide services to organisations and individuals throughout England and Wales


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